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21 November 2021

Friday Fact-Day!

The average length of the job interview process is 27.5 days In the current era of trying to attract quality candidates, well over 80% will research your company before they apply.

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How can my employees return to work safely and legally after Covid-19?

As an employer, you have both a moral and legal obligation to your employees under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HSAW) – this includes providing adequate protection for infectious diseases. Regardless of this unprecedented situation, this law still stands and, if employers do not adhere, they could find themselves facing employment tribunals and criminal charges.

Enterprising Developments

Altum HR is proud to announce the launch of an exclusive HR management tool. The tool will revolutionise the way in which SMEs operate, promoting efficiency, productivity and morale throughout the business. Currently, in its beta stage, the tool will be rolled out in the near future for all of Altum HR’s clients.

Providing legal HR expertise in both English and Welsh, Altum HR is proud to work with businesses throughout the UK to help them move forward.

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