Friday Fact-Day!

  1. The average length of the job interview process is 27.5 days
  2. In the current era of trying to attract quality candidates, well over 80% will research your company before they apply.
  3. The five most important things to job seekers (in order) are salary, location, commute time, benefits, employee reviews – possibly with location and flexible working about to move above salary since the 2020 pandemic.
  4. An employee is THREE times more likely to change jobs by moving roles and being promoted from within – promoting a positive empowering trusting company culture is key to looking after your good people!
  5. The average pay rise for workers changing jobs is a little over 5% – look after your good people!!
  6. January is the most popular month for job changes – LOOK AFTER YOUR GOOD PEOPLE!!! We know it’s only June, but what goes on in the next six months will affect your staff retention come New Year’s Resolutions time.

One way of achieving all of the above is a robust current fair HR outsourced team, and there are no prizes for guessing who we’d recommend! If we can help, get in touch today for a confidential chat.

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