Elevate Your Services with Altum’s White Label HR Solutions

At Altum Employment Services, we empower a diverse range of professionals—from accountants to business consultants and beyond—with sophisticated, white label human resources solutions. Tailored to complement your existing services, our offerings allow you to seamlessly integrate top-tier HR expertise under your brand. Whether you’re in payroll services, recruitment, health & safety, or looking to offer HR services, Altum has you covered.

Why Altum is Your Ideal Partner

A Spectrum of Solutions for Every Business Type

We specialise in crafting customized HR solutions for:
•  Accountants
•  HR Consultants
•  Payroll Services Providers
•  Recruitment Agencies
•  Health & Safety Consultants
•  Insurance Companies
•  Business Consultants
•  Entrepreneurs Aspiring to Provide HR Services

Bespoke Services for Unique Business Needs
Your business isn’t generic; your HR solutions shouldn’t be either. We tailor our services to meet the specific challenges and objectives of your sector, ensuring alignment with your business strategy and enhancing your value proposition to your clients.

Access to Unparalleled HR Expertise
Benefit from our vast experience and knowledge base in human resources, enabling you to offer comprehensive HR services. This not only enriches your portfolio but also ensures your clients receive the highest standards of HR support, all under your trusted brand.

Versatile HR Support Across Sectors

Our white-label HR solutions are designed to cater to the intricate needs of various organisations, offering everything from compliance and payroll to strategic HR consulting. Specifically, we provide:

  • For Accountants and Payroll Services: Seamless integration of payroll and benefits administration with your financial services.
  • For Recruitment Agencies and HR Consultants: Enhanced candidate and employee management solutions, from onboarding to development.
  • For Facilities Management and Health & Safety Consultants: Comprehensive compliance, risk management, and employee safety programs.
  • For Insurance Companies and Business Consultants: Strategic HR planning and implementation services to complement your advisory offerings.
  • For Aspiring HR Service Providers: A solid foundation to launch and scale your HR services with expert support.


Tailored Support, Stellar Brand Experience
We work diligently behind the scenes, ensuring that our services are flawlessly delivered under your brand name. This commitment allows you to maintain and grow your client relationships, backed by the assurance of professional HR management.

Why Partner with Altum

Transparent and Flexible Partnerships
Our ethos centres on transparency and flexibility, adapting our services to scale with your growth and changing needs. We are dedicated to clear communication and collaborative success.

Unwavering Commitment to Quality
Altum is synonymous with excellence. We are committed to elevating your offerings with HR solutions that not only meet but exceed client expectations, reinforcing your reputation as a provider of choice.

Engage with Altum Today – 01925 552333

Revolutionise Your Business with Premier HR Solutions
Discover the Altum difference and how our white-label HR services can transform your offerings. Whether you’re enhancing your existing services or venturing into new territories, Altum is your partner for growth. Contact us to explore the future of HR services, tailored for your success.

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