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Altum HR provides 24-hour health and safety advice for SMEs, including risk assessments, training, software and insurance. Contact us to find out more.
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Health & Safety

Comprehensive Health and Safety Advice and Guidance

A clear understanding of Health and Safety is absolutely vital for all businesses. It protects both employers and employees and ensures the smooth, safe running of the company. Our experienced consultants are available  to ensure that any health and safety queries you may have are answered quickly and competently.

Risk assessments

Legislation and regulations are ever changing and having an up-to-date knowledge and understanding of them is crucial. We will provide you with rigorous risk assessments of your entire site to identify all potential hazards to ensure the wellbeing of all your employees is considered and provided for.

Health & Safety Training

A team with a confident understanding of health and safety is integral to the successful and smooth running of a company. This is why we offer bespoke and high-quality training to deal with all issues from staff illness through to hazard awareness.

Health & Safety Software

Our online health and safety tools are invaluable to your staff. With 24 hour access, staff can feel confident that expert advice is always just a click away.

Health & Safety Consultants

Our industry links are second to none thanks to the years of experience we have in HR consultancy. We work with the very best health and safety consultants to ensure our training and risk assessments comply with all recent legislation.

Health and Safety Insurance

Health and Safety insurance options can be overwhelming. There are a huge number of possibilities which may seem risky and expensive. We are highly experienced and are able to recommend only the very best and most trusted providers.

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