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Health and Safety

We provide comprehensive, personalised guidance unique to your business.

Our legal experts are on-hand to answer any queries you may have, protecting your staff and your company. We also work with trusted health and safety consultants to make sure all training and risk assessments comply with the latest guidelines and are bespoke to your business/industry needs.

  • Training and bespoke software

    Training is the cornerstone of a safe workplace – making sure all employees are aware of the risks, and have the right documentation to back this up. We will take you through all the necessary training, from basics such as manual handling to more advanced teaching such as COSHH or sector-specific equipment.

    To take this one step further, you can also invest in our bespoke software. This gives your staff 24-hour access to essential documentation such as training records, as well as training resources.

  • Risk assessments

    Risk assessments ensure your workplace stays compliant and keeps your employees safe. But guidelines are changing all the time, which is why you need the latest knowledge of any potential hazards. Our personalised risk assessment training will help you to identify potential dangers, keeping your staff safe and avoiding legal action.

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