Maternity Questions? Ask the expert!

You’re a business owner and one of your valued employees announces she is due to have a baby; you want to make sure she is looked after and that her working environment is safe. You also want to make sure she understands her legal entitlements to maternity leave and pay.

You want to make sure her mental health is cared for, both during her pregnancy and after the child has been born. Antenatal depression (occurring during pregnancy) is estimated to affect at least as much as post-natal depression, and official figures suggest that this is up to 20% of new mothers. The effects of these can be devastating on individuals and their families, and can also have a significant impact on your business. The support and guidance received from an employer often play a crucial part in not only diagnosis but also treatment and recovery.

Below are just some of the questions many employers ask;

Are you obliged to give a pay rise when an employee is pregnant?

  • Bonuses?
  • Promotions?
  • What happens to her annual leave entitlement?
  • Will she ask for part-time hours or condensed hours and can you accommodate that request upon her return to work?
  • What if the request is for shared maternity leave?
  • What is your adoption policy?

At Altum HR, we deal with all of the above and much much more on a daily basis. We take the worry and strain away and present you with up-to-date legislation and ensure fair and impartial advice during this emotional time.

We understand your business is your baby in many respects – let us help guide you. Plus we LOVE finding out whether your employee has had a boy or a girl!

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