Why is Human Resource support so important for a charity?

Like any living, breathing organisation, the charity sector has a significant need for human resources (HR) support. But unlike profit-making companies, charities are bound by financial constraints, relying on contributions from government grants and public donations.

This means outsourced HR is a reliable, cost-effective alternative. When senior management teams are small, an outsourced HR service can perform all the duties of an on-site HR manager – keeping staff and volunteers safe and happy at work.

Why do charities outsource HR?

In addition to lower funds, charities also face their own set of unique challenges, with many operating in a very public domain. This puts incredible pressures on managers to stay compliant, while looking after the welfare of their employees, and ultimately serving the charity purpose.

So, what kind of unique charity challenges can be solved with outsourced HR?

Data Protection

Following on from the introduction of GDPR in 2018, charities must now work even harder to stay compliant. Companies now face multi-million-pound fines if they do not comply with complex data protection laws. In the charity sector, this is no mean feat.

Whereas most companies handle the data of their staff and sometimes customers, charities have a wider group of stakeholders. For example, they may hold large mailing lists for existing donors or potential ones. Donor information will contain sensitive data such as bank details, which poses an additional cybersecurity risk.

An outsourced HR team can advise on how best to store and manage data, from donor details to employee absence records, payroll and more. Not only will charities avoid large fees; they will assure their staff and donors that all data is in safe hands.

Payroll and Labour laws

Many charities would not be able to run successfully without the outstanding work of volunteers. However, volunteers do not have all the same rights as full-time employees. For example, there is little guidance readily available on volunteers’ working hours, fair rates of pay, or safe working environments.

While there is no legal obligation, charities would be best advised to look after their volunteers in the same way they would an employee. This could prevent potential litigation. For instance, a volunteer could be classed as an on-site ‘visitor’, and therefore could claim if they suffered an injury. Keeping volunteers safe prevents both financial and reputational damage.

It may also help to increase uptake if charities gain a good reputation for looking after volunteers. An outsourced HR team can advise charities on what to include in their policies, and how to mediate any potential conflicts for ‘pro bono’ employees, such as the board of directors.

Health and Safety

As many charities’ work involves looking after vulnerable people, HR teams can advise on how to adhere to health and safety laws. For example, charities may run respite homes, whose staff teams require specialist training.

An outsourced HR team can offer essential training such as manual handling. They can also help charities to stay compliant on issues such as overnight working. These are very serious considerations and have attracted widespread media attention in the past.Consider the Tayeh vs. Barchester Healthcare Limited case.

Why Altum HR is proud to support charities

There are so many ways an outsourced HR service can support charities. From simply introducing a Payroll Charity Giving scheme to protecting data, these services make all the difference.

At Altum HR, we’re proud to work with the third sector and offer all charities a 25% discount for outsourced HR services. We’re particularly proud of our work with The Warrington Wolves Foundation. The foundation is part of the Warrington Wolves rugby team, and offers life-changing opportunities to disadvantaged young people.

The team had this to say about us:

“Altum HR were very passionate about getting involved in the charitable sector. They have not only provided quality HR support reviewing our existing structures, but have been massively involved in getting to know more about what we do.

“Where many charities will struggle through these tough times, I feel positive. This is due to the regular support and contact that the Altum team have given us. Their team have gone above and beyond, baking cakes and delivering them to our most vulnerable participants during lockdown, which has kept spirits high.

“I would thoroughly recommend Altum to any business for their professional advice,but more importantly, their caring approach to your business.”

  • Neil Kelly, Foundation Director, Warrington Wolves Foundation

If you’d like to benefit from a 25% discount on HR services for your charity, contact Altum HR today.

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