Care Homes: why it pays to have specialist HR advice

Care Homes often hit the headlines, the very nature of what they do is emotive, sensitive and sometimes controversial, after all, they are caring for those we love.

Who cares for those who WORK to care for those you love in a Care Home what does it entail? Often long and unsociable hours, the job can involve personal care for patients, sometimes violent because of medical conditions. Looking after the health and well-being of other humans is always a high-pressured environment and the impact on the emotional well-being of employees and patients must be a priority. As an employer, you have a duty of care to offer a safe working environment to your employees as well as a safe and caring environment for your residents.

Should you introduce a no-jab-no-job policy if this arises again? Your team quite literally have people’s lives in their hands.

Susan Clews, Chief Executive of Acas, (the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service), cautioned employers that mandatory vaccines were a “very tricky area of employment law” and said it was “always best to support staff to get the vaccine rather than insisting that they get it”.

“It’s a good idea for employers to get legal advice before bringing in a vaccine policy,” she added.

Engaging the services of Altum HR takes this worry away from you. We offer specialist outsourced HR support and our team are an extension of your business, taking the time and care to understand your organisations unique needs, making sure you have access to the most up to date advice and policies leaving you free to run your business and care for your residents. We care because you care.

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