We’re your workplace HR(T) experts

We’re your workplace HR(T) experts

As Davina McCall’s follow-up documentary on Menopause airs tonight on Channel 4, and news of HRT rationing for some products surfaces, we look at what your responsibilities are as an employer to support your employee?

There are over 1 million diagnosed cases of Menopause in the UK every year; symptoms range from mild to severe, including menopausal depression and menopausal exhaustion, extremely debilitating for the individuals concerned and HRT provides a crucial lifeline for so many.

In a statement from Health and Social Care Secretary, Sajid Javid said he “would not hesitate to take decisive action to ensure they had access to the HRT they need”.

“We will leave no stone unturned in our national mission to boost the supply of HRT – and this next step will ensure women across the UK will be able to reliably access this vital medication and maintain this lifeline for millions who need it.”.

What would you do if this affects one or more of your team? As an employer, you have a number of legal duties to your employees, including providing a working environment that supports an employee with Menopause symptoms and protects your employees from discrimination.

Ensuring your business practices are regularly reviewed and adhered to will ensure you do not fall foul of your legal duties, and that’s where your workplace HR(T) expert comes in. We’ve pulled together our top tips to help your business develop a supportive working environment for employees experiencing menopause:

  1. Review existing company policies and procedures
  2. Encourage a ‘safe space’ approach where employees feel able to talk
  3. Empower your line managers to support their team
  4. If reasonable and practical workplace adjustments can be made, make them!

If you’d like help or advice on any of the matters we’ve covered, please get in touch with Altum HR on 01925 552333

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