Best Apps for staff reviews 2019

Ensuring that your staff are working as productively as they can will ensure that your business is more organized, efficient and profitable. Being able to identify how efficiently staff are working is also useful when it comes to individual staff reviews. There are many apps on the market that will help you to monitor the way that your staff use their time, but which is best?

The app is best suited to your company will depend on what you would like to track and monitor.


This is a great choice if you want to tackle unproductive habits amongst your staff. The software sorts webpages and applications into ‘productive’ and ‘unproductive’ categories which can be set to take into account the different roles of the employees in your company. This app also allows you to monitor employees and manage your projects. Giving a daily calculation of productivity, the app will set monthly targets which will help to motivate your staff to work towards their productivity goals. You can then address this in your staff reviews and identify areas of development, training or where recognition for great work is needed.



Offering GPS tracking, this is an ideal app for businesses where staff work remotely. This app will allow you to track your employees wherever they are, allowing you to see how long your staff spend travelling, and on work sites.


Time Doctor

This app gathers very detailed information about your employees that will give you a good insight into exactly what is going on within your company. It tracks the websites and apps that staff use with the added capability of taking screenshots of your employee’s screens, minimizing the possibility of staff using their time unproductively. This app also has the added bonus of allowing you to pay your staff directly based on the hours of work recorded. Using an app such as this may make your staff feel like you don’t trust them, so it is important that staff are aware that a program such as this is being used and information such as this is being recorded.



This is a simplistic tracking system which is timer-based. It allows you to set up a project and task and you simply start a timer when you begin. You can stop your timer and switch to other tasks which allows you to track the hours which staff are spending on each topic. It is also possible to create invoices within the app to send to clients based on the hours recorded within the app.


Tick Spot

This is a brilliant app to use when you are working to tight timelines and deadlines. It tracks the time you are spending on projects against the projected timeline and budget, allowing you to see whether you are on track and to make adjustments as and when they’re needed.  This app works hand in hand with the accounting system Quickbooks, enabling you to streamline your invoicing and payroll systems.


Getting support with staff reviews

Do you have a system in place to monitor staff performance and keep track of productivity in your business? If you’d like support in creating a bespoke system to suit your business and employees get in touch to see how Altum HR can help.

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