Balancing running a business with raising a family?

We understand it’s a difficult juggling act, after all, we’re in the same boat! 

You have the idea, the germ of an idea that becomes an action – you put a business plan together and your bank lend you the money. You open your doors to the public, your first year is a success and your team grows. And grows. And grows!

All the while in the background you have school plays, nativities, requests for parent helpers on this trip to a fire station or that walk to a church. You’ll have coughs, colds, tonsillitis. Hand foot and mouth (Google it, it’s a thing!). Covid.

You’ll have doctors appointments, dentists, hospital appointments. Sports day, sports matches and all the while you’ll have deadlines, a team, you have to earn a living.

You have spelling tests to do, you need to create an Egyptian village out of pasta (true story!), french verbs to learn. As your team grows, so does your child(ren) and you have Geography projects, the dreaded 18 poems to test them on for GCSEs, you have to manage getting them to and from A levels. And you have to get to see that Client or supplier in London and you know you’re on the first train in the morning. What if you have a disciplinary (in some circles you may call it a detention)?

How do you balance this with running your business, managing your tiny team at home and your not-so-tiny team at work? How do you look after the well-being of your work family, after all many of them will have exactly the same work/home balancing issues as you? What kind of company culture do you want, ensuring you can invest time in what matters all the while making sure the germ of an idea grows and grows?

We understand. We’re there ourselves and our expert and current HR advice take the stress and strain away from running your work team, leaving you free to work on your idea and run your home team. We’re here for you.

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