How can I make my employee’s care?

As an employer, your employees are an extension of you and your business and if you feel that there is a lack of care from them, it can be extremely frustrating and upsetting.

Staff who don’t care about your business can cause issues. If employees are demotivated and aren’t working their hardest, as an employer you will find it hard to care about them. It can feel quite hurtful that your employees aren’t as invested in your business as you are. So how can you make them care more?

Making employees feel appreciated

If staff feel that they are appreciated and that their efforts have been noticed and rewarded, they will be more likely to care about the way that they are working. Monetary rewards, such as bonuses, pay raises, and generous salaries will help your employees to feel that they are appreciated.

There are many other perks you may offer other than financial perks. Showing that you truly care about your staff outside of the workplace is more likely to make them care about their time in the workplace.

What can you do to help employees care more?

Allowing employees to work flexi-time or introducing schemes that allow them to earn extra holidays show staff that you are happy to invest in their work/life balance. You may invest in private healthcare schemes or offer subsidised gym memberships to help staff to stay healthy. All these ideas help staff to see that you are happy to invest in their wellbeing and that you see them as individuals and not people that work for you.

Offering staff the opportunity for additional training and personal development shows that you care about their future and that you are willing to invest in them. If employees feel that you are invested in developing them and providing them with opportunities, they will work harder. This has the additional benefit of ensuring that your workforce is well qualified and can help with retaining your staff in their positions as they feel satisfied and valued.

Your employees want to feel heard

It’s important for staff to feel that their opinions are valid and encouraging them to voice their opinions is a great way to do this. Asking your staff what they think of new initiatives and allowing them choices in the workplace will mean that they care more as they have some autonomy. A similar effect will be achieved by ensuring you don’t micromanage your staff and allow them freedom within their role to make their own decisions on how to add value to the company.

A very effective way to make your staff care more about the business is by making it their business as well. Offering shares in the company will help to make them far more involved and that you are working towards shared goals. They will reap the rewards for their hard work so they are likely to be even more motivated to work hard.

Ultimately, staff need to feel like they are a valued part of your workforce. If they feel that you care about them, they’re far more likely to reciprocate and care about your business. They will be more likely to want to stay in your employment and work creatively as a cohesive workforce to reach individual and shared goals.

Getting support

If you’d like more advice and guidance on creating a more engaged and caring workforce Altum HR can help. We’ve worked closely with so many businesses helping them to transform the attitudes of their workforce with simple yet effective changes. Get in touch for your free no-obligation chat to see how we can help you.

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