April 2020: Employment Law Update

By now you’ve hopefully heard of the Good Work Plan and be aware that on 6th April 2020, there will be more than the usual yearly employment law updates to implement in your business.

We know that keeping up to date with changes can be tricky and, making changes to your HR policies and procedures can take time. Our advice is to begin taking action now, and don’t leave things until the last minute. If you do, you could find that your business is no longer compliant come the 6th of April.

Some of the main rate changes taking place in April are an increase in:

  • National Living Wage and National minimum wage for all age groups
  • Apprenticeship wage
  • Accommodation Offset
  • Maternity, paternity, adoption and parental pay
  • Statutory Sick Pay
  • Employment Tribunal award limit

Changes will also take place with regards to:

  • Holiday reference periods
  • Parental Bereavement leave rights
  • Abolition of the Swedish Derogation relating to pay for agency workers
  • Reduction to the threshold for a request to set up information and consultation arrangements
  • Extention to the right to a written statement for all workers
  • Tax treatment of termination payments above £30,000

To make things easier for you we’ve pulled together all of the April changes into one document.  To download just click here: April 2020 Employment Rate Changes PDF

If you’d like more advice on getting your business prepared for these changes please get in touch to discuss how our HR retainer packages can support you. We work closely with our clients to ensure they are always one step ahead when it comes to being compliant and ready for changes in employment law.

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