Spreading a Little Joy with the Warrington Wolves Foundation - Altum HR
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Spreading a Little Joy with the Warrington Wolves Foundation

Spreading a Little Joy with the Warrington Wolves Foundation

As you may know, Altum HR is a very proud patron of the Warrington Wolves CharitableFoundation who are the charitable arm of Warrington Wolves Rugby League Club.

Created to provide life-changing opportunities through sport, education, health and the arts, we’ve worked closely with the team for the last 18 months to raise awareness and funds to support the charity.

We even sent some over to Australia to Warrington Wolves Physical Disability League Player Adam Hills!

Our lovely cakes baked by local baker Alice Kelly, packed and ready to be delivered to the players!

If you’d like to see more about comedian Adam Hill’s journey with the Warrington Wolves Foundation you can watch the Channel 4 documentary Adam hills: Take His Legs where Adam embarks on a personal, physical and emotional journey to live out his boyhood dream to play competitive rugby league.

We know it has been a difficult few months for everybody and so wanted to do something to try and bring a smile to the faces of the players. We know they are missing the team spirit and social aspects that getting together and playing together brings them. We have certainly missed attending the games!

We knew that it was time for the new season kits to be delivered and so, joining forces with the Warrington Wolves Foundation team, we arranged for some cakes to be delivered along with them as a surprise from Altum HR.

We called these ‘Little Bundles Of Joy’ and having spent the last 2 days delivering these alongside the team, we can certainly confirm that these deliveries did indeed bring smiles to the faces of the players. Just look at some of these smiles!

If you’d like to learn more about the Warrington Wolves Charitable Foundation and the incredible work that they do please get in touch. We’d love to help raise as much awareness as possible about this wonderful charity that we are so proud to be a part of.

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