At Altum HR we specialise in helping small businesses meet their full potential with a full scope of professional HR services. Contact the team today.
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Specialist HR Support for Small Businesses

In our experience, human resource management can be problematic for small to medium size businesses. Whilst you are growing your business, we are providing the expert knowledge, training and support to ensure that you are getting the very best from your employees. Together, we can give your business everything it needs to thrive, and continue to grow.



Legal documentation can be time-consuming at best but is more often than not simply confusing and stressful. Our consultants have a comprehensive legal background which allows us to provide the very highest quality in bespoke legal documentation


Employment Law Guidance

We have unparalleled expertise in dealing with a myriad of HR issues thanks to the years of experience we have as HR consultants. You can rest assured that we will be able to apply our experience and expertise to your case, maintaining the delicate balance between representing your fairly and maintaining the welfare of your employees.


Health & safety

Health and Safety compliance can be overwhelming. Our consultants will provide you with detailed risk assessments, training and accessible resources, ensuring your small business is covered in all health and safety areas whilst also ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your staff.


Human Resources Support

Our24-hour external support provision along with the option of having members of our highly skilled and qualified team coming to work with you onsite means that you will always be able to access quality guidance. Our flexible and tailored approach is reflective of the fact that your business and your needs are unique. Together, we can ensure your business achieves its full potential.


Tribunal Avoidance or Representation

There are times when employee grievances are simply unavoidable. This is never a negative reflection on your company and our role is to reach a positive resolution whether this is through onsite mediation or through providing you will superb legal representation to preserve the excellent reputation of your company.

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