Employment Law - Altum HR
At Altum HR, our robust legal background can assist your small business with employment law queries from training to insurance, contracts and documentation.
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Employment Law

Employment law advice

Our team are ready to provide you with the advice and guidance you need. Whether you need assistance with working hours or more serious issues such as employee grievances, you can be safe in the knowledge that you will be able to reach an expert advisor.

Contracts and documentation

Some HR consultancy firms rely on formulaic ‘one size fits all’ for contracts and documentation. We however pride ourselves on our extensive legal background allowing us to provide you with personalised and bespoke, detailed and legally binding documentation.

Legal representation

We understand that sometimes conflict cannot be avoided. No matter the circumstances, Altum HR will provide support in conflict resolution and faciliatate external legal representation should the need arise. By considering all the facts we will help you find a resolution.

Legal insurance

With significant experience in working with insurers and small businesses, we have developed a comprehensive database of trusted connections. We will diligently work with you to assess your exact requirements and confidently advise you on the most suitable representation and legal cover.

Early conciliation

By working together, we will ensure that any disputes that may arise are settled quickly and efficiently to avoid disruption to your business. Our advice and guidance on your internal procedures and policies will ensure that a timely resolution is reached for all parties.

Employment law solicitors

We understand that employment law can seem like a quagmire. We work alongside highly skilled employment solicitors will help resolve redundancy, dismissals and disputes confidently and with clarity to enable all parties to move forward.

Employment law training

An understanding of employment law is a huge asset to your company and we are happy to train your teams in the essentials of this broad topic. This will empower you to protect your employees and company should any HR disputes arise.

Employment tribunal services

Whilst we advocate mediation for our clients, it is inevitable that there are some situations where employment tribunals may be necessary. Our role will be to ensure that your business is fairly represented, ensuring the very best conclusion.


Mediation is a powerful tool and in our experience workplace disputes can often be settled calmly and professionally when it's used properly. We work empathetically with all parties involved to successfully rebuild workplace relations.

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