Welcome to ALTUM HR - Altum HR
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Welcome to ALTUM HR

Welcome to ALTUM HR

Founded by human resources and employment law consultant Josie Broadstock, Altum HR specialises in culture and change management for UK businesses.

Unlike many other ‘cookie cutter’ human resources consultancy firms, Altum HR treats every business as a unique enterprise, taking into account individual company cultures and values, as well as considering the vast range of personalities throughout the company’s management structure. This personal approach is reflected in Josie’s consultancy style: having graduated in law before becoming a HR director, Josie now runs her own consultancy with a solid base of happy clients. While Altum HR was officially founded in 2016, the services available come as a result of many years of industry experience and hard work to build trustworthy, professional relationships.

Why we are different

Altum HR provides key services in HR, employee development, employment law, payroll and recruitment. With culture and change management at the heart of every strategy, Josie brings to the table a robust legal background. This gives Altum HR the competitive edge when it comes to defining your company’s HR policies: in particular, all legal documentation is far more considered and bespoke to each individual business.

Rather than using a generic formula to craft your company handbooks, letters and other paperwork, Altum HR can provide larger, more detailed, legally binding documents that effectively communicate your policies whilst using the most appropriate legal terms. This can help to give your employees a clearer vision of your company culture, and better prepare your business for any legal matters.

How we can help you

Having worked closely with individuals throughout her career, Josie focuses on driving the business forward by looking at its people: rather than simply working with the managing director, every employee is considered; all strengths and weaknesses are assessed and anything that does not fit with your company’s culture is immediately flagged. Altum HR can help you to ascertain and meet your business goals through people management – acknowledging every individual’s skills and unique traits, and utilising these to make sure each person serves his or her purpose.

While Altum HR is based in Warrington, Josie travels around the UK to work with clients in areas such as Cheshire, Merseyside, North Wales and much more. Josie is also fluent in Welsh and takes pride in working with clients in two languages! Whatever your industry, Altum HR can help you take your business forward with strong legal expertise, experience in a wealth of different scenarios, and by utilising the strengths of your team.

What’s next for Altum HR

Thanks to an ever-growing client base of SMEs, Altum HR is looking forward to expanding in the team. 2018 will also see the start of a very exciting project for Altum HR: the launch of a new HR management tool which will revolutionise the way in which SMEs operate. This exciting new product is set for launch this May, so keep an eye out for updates on the website and on Altum HR’s social media channels.

To start achieving your business goals, get in touch with Altum HR today on 01925 552 333.

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