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Workplace mental health: should we give employees mental health breaks?

Nike stole headlines in early September thanks to its latest developments in workplace mental health. The sportswear brand offered its US head office employees a week off to “recover from the stress of the pandemic”.Staff were encouraged to: Ignore all work responsibilities Power down all devices Spend time with family. The leisurewear behemoth was not the first company to implement such a scheme. In June 2021, dating app Bumble closed
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Terms of endearment: can I be dismissed for using pet names in the workplace?

A Lancashire employment tribunal has made headlines after a male pallbearer was dismissed for inappropriate behaviour. Mike Hartley was dismissed from his role at D Hollowell & Sons, approximately 18 months after being promoted to Client Liaison and HR Manager. His claim for unfair dismissal made headlines thanks to Mr Hartley’s use of ‘pet names’ in the workplace.The reality is far more complex. Josie Broadstock, HR Consultant at Altum HR,
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why is human resource support so important for a charity

Like any living, breathing organisation, the charity sector has a significant need for human resources (HR) support. But unlike profit-making companies, charities are bound by financial constraints, relying on contributions from government grants and public donations. This means outsourced HR is a reliable, cost-effective alternative. When senior management teams are small, an outsourced HR service can perform all the duties of an on-site HR manager – keeping staff and volunteers

When will international business travel resume? Your employment law guide

When will international business travel resume? Your employment law guide With travel lists being updated every three weeks, business travel during COVID is subject to constant change. Under the current traffic light system, both leisure and business travellers need to adhere to the following rules in England: Red list countries: travellers should not fly to these countries, nor should they return to the UK from them.(If they do, they need

Will your workplace change after ‘Freedom Day 2021’?

The UK government’s so-called ‘Freedom Day’ is upon us, with many rules set to change from July 19. In an address to the nation on July 12, Prime Minister Boris Johnson was cautious in his approach – advising citizens to use their common sense on a case-by-case basis. While one example of this was wearing masks in enclosed spaces, the implications for the workplace are far greater. We spoke to

Whistleblowing and the implications for your business

The recent revelations from Dominic Cummings have sent shockwaves throughout the Conservative party – calling into question the prime minister’s fitness for the role. Among the allegations, Mr Cummings stated that Mr Johnson’s reluctance to put the country into lockdown resulted in “avoidable deaths”. But are these the words of a disgruntled ex-employee, or genuine whistleblowing? Whistleblowing: the definition “By definition,” says Tara Phillips, Senior HR Consultant at Altum HR,

Can you put a price on keeping your employees happy?

With the ongoing uncertainty surrounding job security during the pandemic, it’s no surprise to see workplace tensions at an all-time high. This has been confirmed by Acas, who have recently published a report, Estimating the Costs of Workplace Conflict. The headline figure in the report suggests that workplace disagreements cost UK employers £28.5 billion per year. When we break it down, this figure equates to roughly £1,000 for every UK

No jab, no job? Employment law considerations for COVID-19 vaccinations

The recent revelation that COVID-19 vaccinations would become mandatory for care home staff in England has sent shockwaves throughout the nation’s workforce. More than 50,000 care home workers signed a petition against the divisive decision, citing their human right to exercise free will. But what happens when personal beliefs cross over with employment law? Our Senior HR Consultant Tara Phillips shares her thoughts about the implications of mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations.
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Redundancy and the Coronavirus: Is it the only option?

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Conducting A Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Before you can get your employees back to work, you need to ensure that it is safe for them to return, and the best way to do this is to carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment. You don’t have to be a health and safety professional to be able to conduct a risk assessment, but as an employer, you do have an obligation to provide a safe and healthy working
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Extending Furlough: What Happens Next?

Since March, most business owners and HR professionals have found themselves on tenterhooks awaiting government updates. Will they be extending furlough and the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme? Extending Furlough As we know, the Scheme was originally scheduled to end in May; however, extension confirmations show that the CJRS may now be available until October, with further updates planned for the end of July. It has left a lot of employers
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Spreading a Little Joy with the Warrington Wolves Foundation

As you may know, Altum HR is a very proud patron of the Warrington Wolves CharitableFoundation who are the charitable arm of Warrington Wolves Rugby League Club. Created to provide life-changing opportunities through sport, education, health and the arts, we’ve worked closely with the team for the last 18 months to raise awareness and funds to support the charity. We even sent some over to Australia to Warrington Wolves Physical